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‘Draw a circle and curse you.

Of course, it could bedraw a circle to search for you.

Li Hao circulated his witchcraft technique, and his cultivation power involuntarily circulated at this moment.

Li Hao stood in the crowd.

At this moment, he seemed to be independent from the world and felt a sense of transcendence.

The moment this witchcraft curse was cast, Li Hao felt an aura from the hair in his palm.

It was the aura left behind by the missing girl.

Li Hao was extremely ethereal.

As the witchcraft spell was used, the hair in Li Haos palm seemed to burn and turned into a wisp of green smoke that dissipated.

Li Hao closed his eyes, but a powerful perception was released.

The moment the hair turned into smoke and dissipated, the void seemed to distort, crossing an endless distance…

At this moment, Li Haos eyes suddenly opened again.

Li Hao felt an existence that came from the same source as the aura on this hair.

A connection was felt a hundred or two kilometers away.

Li Hao was shocked.

There was the location where the missing girl was.

Although Li Hao could not sense the exact situation of this girl, he knew that she was not dead.

“Auntie, your daughter is still alive…” Li Hao immediately said to the middle-aged woman.

“Really Where is she Please…”

Hearing Li Haos words, the middle-aged woman immediately lost her composure and kept talking to him.

“Dont worry, shell be back,” said Li Hao seriously, but there was a hint of fear in his heart.

This girl was on the other side of the mountain.

This girls encounter might be the same as Chu Xiaoqings.

This was Li Haos guess, but it was not without reason.

Li Hao left, giving the middle-aged woman hope.

Li Hao did not stop.

He passed through the ancient city and headed for the Cang Mountains.

Li Haos footsteps were light and fast.

Sometimes, he even rode the wind and crossed the Cang Mountain in less than two hours.

On the other side of the mountain, there was still a forest.

However, there were some ancient buildings in these forests that were filled with an ancient aura.

This was where the clans of the southern border were.


From time to time, some beast roars sounded in the forest.

There were small paths in the mountains.

From time to time, people walked on the road.

Most of these people were wearing the ethnic clothes unique to Miaojiang.

These people were clearly from the Miaojiang clan and had returned from outside.

Li Hao saw that these people were basically men.

Most of them were very burly and wore shirtless clothes.

They looked very strong.

Moreover, their skin was a little dark.

They had special steel rings around their necks or hands.

Not long after, a huge stone appeared ahead.

Blood-red words were written on it.


There was only one word on the stone.

It was the wordWitch.

It was unknown who had written it, but there was a strangeness to the word that made people shrink back.

The stone acted like a border, turning it into another area.

From afar, he could already see the clear buildings in the distance.

Figures in Miaojiang clothes walked in.

Li Hao prepared to walk in.

“Private territory.

Outsiders are prohibited.”

At this moment, a voice came from the side.

A young man who looked to be in his twenties or thirties with a scimitar on his waist said coldly to Li Hao.

Connate martial artist!

This young man was actually a Connate martial artist, and his body was filled with a fierce aura.

The young man placed his hands on his chest and looked at Li Hao proudly.

“Kid, this is not a place you should be! If you dont want to die, get lost…”

Li Hao frowned.

How arrogant.

Li Hao did not say anything, but a glint flashed across his eyes.

He took two steps inside.

“Are you courting death” The young man was furious when he saw this scene.

In the next moment, the young man actually punched Li Hao with a powerful might.

Li Hao remained where he was, watching the figure charge.

“Get lost!”

Li Hao did not do anything and snorted.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, he rolled away like a bolt of lightning.


Immediately after, the young man spat out a mouthful of blood as if he had suffered a heavy blow, looking extremely shocked.


His figure was sent flying.

How did that happen

The young man was shocked.

He had encountered a true expert.

A voice sent him flying.

What terrifying strength was this

Li Hao did not even look at the guy.

Instead, he looked ahead.

This should be the territory of the Sorcerer Clan.

However, Li Haos expression turned cold again.

The aura of the missing girl was in here.

It seemed that just as Li Hao had thought, the missing girl had been brought here.

Li Hao released his powerful perception and took in the situation in the clan.

The next moment, Li Haos expression darkened.

A killing intent suddenly arose in Li Haos heart.

That was because Li Hao could sense that there were many young girls imprisoned in some bamboo houses in this clan.

They were all skin and bones and had been tortured beyond recognition.

There was even blood flowing continuously on some of the young girls bodies.

There seemed to be worms squirming on their flesh…

Those insects fed on their flesh and blood.

They were all voodoo worms.

He actually made these voodoo worms feed on a human body.

What a cruel method!

Li Hao was furious!

He was really angry! He was furious.

As Li Haos voice sounded, more figures appeared like thunder with powerful auras.

They were all men and had fierce auras.

They were all Connate martial artists.

These people looked at Li Hao and shouted, “An outsider has invaded.


“Kill!” Voices shouted and rushed towards Li Hao.

Some held big knives, while others held big sticks.

They looked fierce.

Li Hao looked at this scene, but his eyes were extremely indifferent.

He walked straight in with killing intent.

Damn it.

These people deserved to die.


A powerful aura was instantly released from Li Hao.

At this moment, a powerful pressure instantly descended, earth-shattering.

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