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Li Hao did not expect Chu Xiaoqing to take the initiative to take off her clothes and cooperate with him.

Li Hao wanted to say that there was actually no need.

However, Li Hao still turned around.

There was a rustling behind him.

“Thats enough.

Come on!”

Soon, Chu Xiaoqings voice sounded again.

However, Li Hao turned around again.

A beautiful figure was lying on the bed.

She was only wearing her undergarments.

Her body, snow-white skin, and flat stomach… There was no excess fat.

She was perfect.

Seeing this scene, Li Haos body instantly felt hot, and his blood could not help but surge.


It was so damn tempting.

Fortunately, Li Hao was already a Core Formation cultivator and had astonishing self-control.

Otherwise, he would probably have taken impulsive moves.

Suppressing the urge in his heart, Li Hao sat on the bed.

On the bed, Chu Xiaoqings eyes were closed and her pretty face was red.

She did not dare to look at Li Hao.

Li Hao no longer hesitated.

“Then Ill start.

It might tickle a little, but believe me, Ill be gentle.

Itll be over soon,” Li Hao said to Chu Xiaoqing.

“Okay.” Chu Xiaoqing responded and still did not open her eyes.

Seeing this scene, Li Haos eyes lit up.

In the next moment, a powerful aura suddenly emitted from Li Haos body.

Li Hao circulated his cultivation.

A jade needle immediately appeared in Li Haos hand.

It was the Nine Needles of Mystic Heaven.

Immediately after, spiritual light flashed on the jade needle.

Li Haos cultivation spiritual power was injected into the jade needle.

In the next second, Li Hao stabbed the jade needle in Chu Xiaoqings chest.


When Li Hao inserted the first jade needle, Chu Xiaoqing only felt a numb feeling in her chest.

Immediately after, she felt as if a cool sensation had entered her body.

After the first needle was inserted, Li Hao took out a second jade needle and quickly inserted it.

When he inserted the second needle, the voodoo worm that had turned into a cocoon in Chu Xiaoqings body and heart actually seemed to have been woken up at this moment and felt a threat.

In the next moment, the voodoo worm moved and suddenly began to absorb the blood essence of Chu Xiaoqings heart.


Chu Xiaoqing immediately felt a heart-wrenching pain and let out a scream.

She could not help but cover her chest.

“Bear with it!” said Li Hao as he pressed down on Chu Xiaoqings hand with one hand and a third jade needle appeared in his other hand.

Then, he accurately stabbed Chu Xiaoqings heart again.

When this jade needle was pierced, the voodoo worm in Chu Xiaoqings heart was immediately stimulated again.

It actually wanted to escape from Chu Xiaoqings heart.

However, how could Li Hao let it escape

The fourth jade needle in his hand had already pierced down quickly.

Four jade needles and four spiritual powers entered Chu Xiaoqings heart and formed a spiritual power cage around the voodoo worm, trapping it and preventing it from escaping.

In the next moment, Li Hao grabbed the fifth jade needle.

The Nine Heavens Thunder Technique was immediately activated.

A wisp of lightning power instantly appeared and swam around the jade needle.

Although it was only a tiny trace, it contained a destructive power.

Immediately after, a spiritual power wrapped around the power of lightning.

Li Hao suddenly dropped the needle again and accurately pierced the center of the four jade needles.

That was where the voodoo worm was.

As the jade needle landed, the power of lightning wrapped in spiritual power instantly entered Chu Xiaoqings heart.

Then, the power of lightning descended on the voodoo worm.


The voodoo worm seemed to let out a sharp hiss at this moment and was instantly killed.

Then, it turned into pure blood energy that spread throughout Chu Xiaoqings body.


Chu Xiaoqing could not help but moan again.

It was not pain, but comfort.

At this moment, there seemed to be a warm current flowing through her body, making her body heat up.


At this moment, Li Haos voice sounded again.

Li Hao had already put away a few jade needles.

The antidote was completed.

In the next moment, Chu Xiaoqing sat up in bed and went to the toilet.

She felt as if impurities were about to be expelled from her body.

Just as the voodoo worm in Chu Xiaoqings body was killed by Li Haos lightning power, on the other side of the Cang Mountain, in a bamboo house of a Miaojiang clan 200 kilometers away, a bald young man in ethnic clothes was sitting on a pile of straw mats.

In front of him were two wooden cups.

Inside the wooden cups were tiny poisonous insects writhing.

They looked very disgusting, but this bald young man was already used to them.

He placed his finger in the wooden cup and blood flowed out.

He was using his blood to raise the voodoo worms in the wooden cup.

However, in the next moment…

Pfft! The bald young man let out a cry and spat out a mouthful of blood.

His aura instantly withered, and his face turned extremely pale.

“Ah!” A painful cry came from the young man.

“Who is it Who exactly is it Who killed the voodoo worm!” The young man shouted involuntarily.

At this moment, a voodoo worm he had planted in a flight attendants body was killed, causing him to suffer a heavy backlash.

The voodoo worm was something that had a connection with him.

When the voodoo worm died, he was directly affected.

The young man looked shocked and in disbelief.

Who killed the voodoo worm he planted How was this possible

He had only seen the flight attendant and wanted to make her his plaything at night.

He did not expect to encounter such a thing.

This was the first time something like this had happened.

In the next moment, the young man endured the pain of being severely injured and left the bamboo house, heading deeper into the clan.

His master lived there.

In the hotel, Chu Xiaoqing stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself.

At this moment, she felt indescribably comfortable.

She felt that she was a little different from before.

His skin seemed to have gotten better and she looked even younger…

This was a blessing in disguise.

This was the benefit of turning the voodoo worm into vitality after it was killed.


Congratulations, host.

You have successfully helped the beautiful stewardess remove the voodoo worm.

You are rewarded with Maledict and Divine Voodoo…]

At this moment, the system notification sounded in Li Haos mind again.

A huge amount of information surged into Li Haos head.

It was the Maledict and the Divine Voodoo…

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